Jun 1, 2011

Wondering .. ???

Sajak ini direka khas sewaktu aku membayangkan hari terakhir persekolahan . Berakhirnya zaman remaja yang bergelak ketawa riang-ria dalam uniform sekolah ....

2011 and +++ ..  by Aqila Syahiena

I wonder
Is the last glittering stars on the sky we shared together
Could be the last prettiest shine it emmits
When it smiles back
So do you
And looking warmly towards this life camp
So many piercing ice cold heartless eyes melted
Turning off the orange-black flame
Yet I thought could it burn again
At least one more single time
Just to memorize the whole beginning
Of tales created

I wish you were here
So I could stared at the same blue sky
With the same moon
And the same lovable-shining stars
With you by my side
I wish you were here

No more neither gaps nor tearing apart
So that I couldn’t feel so alone like before
Alone with you at my sight
Love and hate circumtances my whole tears

I’ll got my wings and flying freely to all the world’s dimension
And my legs tighten up with all the past
Giggling and tears

I bet I’ll be sure for one thing
I promise I’ll never forget you
Which I couldn’t do...

Selepas dua tahun ... Mampukah segala kenangan itu terpadam ?? Kawan-kawan yang satu kroni . Homework yang bertimbun . Kehidupan berasrama mengajar aku erti sebenar kehidupan , kesetiaan , ketabahan dan kelukaan .
Really going to miss them .

Segala kenangan yang tercipta takkan mungkin terlupa (:

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