Apr 25, 2012

Essay MARA #2

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan Salam Satu Dunia 
Bicara ikhlas tapi telus dari Aqila Syahiena..

Semakin lama aku semakin gila dengan online shopping! Aku sendiri nggak paham deh ngapain aku sukak banget bukak online shop yang murah-murah then rambang mata memilih. Tiap minggu gaji aku habis kat baju je.. Hew hew hew..

Nak kata aku ni gila sangat berfesyen bagai taklah pulak. Baju-baju yang aku ada pun bukannya hot-hot macam orang lain. Tapi aku suka sangat membeli. Even masuk Tesco sekalipun aku tatap akan grab mana-mana baju yang aku rasa aku berkenan nak tukar hak milik wakaka. Naik berasap telinga Puan Mama setiap kali abang posmen datang umah hantar parcel untuk aku. Then siap kalsi pesanan penaja lagi, "Kalau beli baju banyak-banyak pastu tak dipakai siaplah kamu. Buat je baju kucing kat luar tu!" Amboi mak, janganlah gitu.. Nanti kucing kat luar lagi cantik dari orang habislah mak dapat menantu kucing lagi awal dari orang. Ihiksss gatal.

Aku takde mood senanye nak menaip tapi takpe nak jugak post benda merepek-repek bodoh-bodoh kat sini buat hilang bosan. Hah aku tau! Aku nak post essay yang aku hantar untuk MARA kelmarin hik hik.. Buat rujukan generasi akan datang lah konon. So hello 2013!! Wakakaka.. Meh aku tag sikit biar entry aku nih kuar kat engine pencarian Google korang tuh.

 Essay about myself, my study plan and career plan for Program Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA 2012 (Bagi korang korang tuh 2013 plus plus lah kan)

* * * * * * * * * * * *


          22nd July 1994 was the historic date for my parents. As an apple of my family and the first daughter of three siblings, I have always taught to be caring, considerate and thoughtful towards everyone. As a result, I have developed a high sense of empathy and found myself as one who cares about the emotional needs of others. I also believe that the medical profession is a platform for me to achieve my ambition of creating a caring community and this can be done by forging close relationship while providing medical treatment for those in need.

          I was receiving early education at SK Meru and SRA Meru. Then, I was offered to one of boarding school in Klang which is SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah because of my 5A’s UPSR result. This school has definitely made me an independent and adaptable person when I was given the responsibilities to become Exco Kebersihan Dan Keceriaan Asrama Puteri and Setiausaha Agung Asrama Puteri on the next fellow year. All these responsibilities also enchanced my time management skills as I had to balance out between my academics and co-curricular activities. As diligence is the mother of good fortune, I tend to achieve 8A’s with 1C in PMR result and being one of strong peoples in STAR Debate team.

          On my upper secondary education, I continued my study at MARA Junior Science College Pasir Salak, Perak. I was quietly active in co-curricular activities and performed well in my studies. For the Anugerah Penghormatan Pengetua, I tend to achieve it every semester and even once got the second highest ranking with CGPA of 3.97. On 2011, I was the representative of my college in Pidato of Minggu Bahasa MRSM Zon Barat. I also became the first speaker of our Debat Bahasa Melayu team in Minggu Bahasa Dan Debat MRSM Se-Malaysia. Strongly held on my motto ‘The ending is the beginning’, I tend to learnt through past experiences to maintain my composure under any circumstances and to work with minimum supervision.

          I believe that I have been successful throughout my life because I always make a periodic plan of the things to do. That is how I always set up a target in my education and future planning and strive towards achieving them. This was proven when I got a perfect score in SPM result, straight 9A’s. This would give me a chance to fullfil my dream which is to continue my study in the medical field and become a successful doctor in Malaysia. My feeling care deeply about other people and their problem and also highly interested in how the human body functions decide me to choose medical course. So, I was planning to pursue my study in the Europe, Ireland through MARA scholarship. Ireland, especially Dublin has been ranked at number eight as the best student city in the world according to the QS World University Rankings. This shows medical developments in Ireland are more modern and more advance.

          Before I fly to Ireland, as I knew MARA will sent their students who choose Ireland to do International Baccalaureate for two years at Kolej MARA Banting. After completing the IB with scores at least 35 over 45, I will pursue my first degree in the medical field in Ireland for five years. After graduating with my first degree in medical field and obtained MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), I would devote myself as a doctor who is fully committed to her duty of serving nation and country especially for bumiputera. When I returned to Malaysia, I will work with the government hospital for three to five years. At the same time, I want to gain more experience about doctor profession and proceed further into becoming specialist. I will came for Internal Medicine with Cardiology as the medical speciality and tend to become a cardiologist. My future plan is to work with Institut Jantung Negara as heart disease is the fourth most chronic diseases in Malaysia.

          I sincerely hope that my profound passion for the medical field will enable me to be given a chance to take up this course. I hope my ambition to be a successful and high sense of empathy doctor will be achieved as I have been in the right path with MARA scholarship to pursue my study on the next level.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

 Amaran : Siapa gelakkan grammar aku, esok pagi bisul tumbuh kat mulut. INI BUKAN GURAUAN!


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