Nov 21, 2012



" Qila, nanti bukak dashboard tau. "

" Ok. Ada apa? "

" Adalah, bukak je. Jangan lupa tau. "

Aku pegang kata-kata Dilla. Balik bilik aku pinjam laptop Hanum then bukak dashboard.

* * * * * * * * * *

dear qila

dah lama tak menulis. dan tak pandai menulis. log in ke blog dengan satu harapan. harapan menulis untuk seseorang yang aku sayang dapat baca apa yang aku tulis.

dear qila,

you knew that im not good with words kan. apa lagi for me to do this, its taking kinda a lot of time to figure out things that i should say.

i knew what you felt qila.

and i know that youre not gonna stop. not gonna giving up. cause he is just not someone who is inside your heart, but he is someone that made you aqila syahiena. he brought something in your life. he brought happiness, sadness yet indiscribeable feeling. yeah. i knew that. so qila. im not gonna tell you to stop,which i knew you wouldnt. im here, always here to hear everything you wanna tell, to watch every single thing happen through out your journey, and to be here, hold your hand and make it through every single dream that we dream about. i may not seem to care, but i do.i may not seem to hear, but i do, i may not seem to support you but seriously i do.

im here to tell you,

waiting isnt a crime.


* * * * * * * * * *

" Nah tulis something yang describe pasal diri aku kat dalam buku ni. "

" Qila ni perasan gila. "

" Tulis jelah. Tau tau! Kau, Syiru dengan Farah kena tulis jugak "

* * * * * * * * * *


Despite all my sadness for losing my crying shoulder, I'm happy here.

I have them as my friends. They do care bout me. They're here by my side. Maybe its not the same as others, but I do love them too. They brighten up my day. They gave me reasons to smile and laugh. They cheer me up when gloomy day arise. They are willing to wipe my tears. They made me stronger than ever. Yes, because I love them.

I can't tell you everything through Line or WhatsApp like I used to do before. But I know this distance will create a better me. I gotta lot to learn. Learn to be matured, stronger, happier and to be a better person than I am right now. I will. And I know I can.

Distance makes the heart grows fonder. So lets just live well and breath. When the right times come, both of us are better than we're now.

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