Nov 9, 2012

My Appreciation

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah.

Despite everything that happened to me since these few days, I think I better get myself some entertainment with my friends. After all, they're the only living crying and laughing shoulder that I have instead of my family :')

Tomorrow is my MUET day and omagad I nearly forgot bout dat! Seriouslyyyyy -,- If I'm not logged in to my Facebook I should be forgotten bout it now and ever haila Qila dummy you. I should struggle myself for at least band 4 and then I'll be able to have sightly bright chance to further my study at UM tehee. InsyaAllah.

I've got myself thinking bout my future and alhamdulillah, medicine is my choice. Maybe firstly I decided to choose this course bcoz of someone (I'll never mention his name. EVER) but now I knew medicine is the most suitable pathway for me insyaAllah. I've done my istikharah and alhamdulillah I still attach to this honourable course. Now I'm deeply in love with medicine. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

And nothing's better than my parents' bless. They always supported me to do medicine and I will try my best to repay all their sacrifice since the day I was born. I love you mom and dad. I really love both of you. I'll try my best to be a daughter both of you can be proud of. I really do. I'll stick to my words insyaAllah.

I donno why I ended up writing these in my blog but, I just wanna thank all of you. All of you whom always supported me in whatever I did. Maybe I'm alone, yes. I still feel that I'm alone in dis world but then if everyone thinks the same way as I did, maybe. Just maybe, we're all alone and we're not alone if everyone thinks they're alone. Seems leggit kan? Hihi.

I love all of you.

My family, Farah Syairah, Zaidatul Dalila, Nurul Assyifa, Siti Mariam, Nur Qhuraisya, Zahra Fida, Nur Amanina, Zakiah Hanum, Syahirah, Umi Aisha, Siti Suhana, Nurin Nadzlah, Marsya Nasyirra, Syahirah Nadiah, my 5A's classmates, my R1's classmates, my P2's classmate and all of you.

All of you whom I love and love me. Thank you for loving me in whatever state I am.

I love you. Always.

May Allah bless each one of you. May Allah repay all your kindness to me. May Allah ease your journey now and hereafter. Please, please do remember dat I love each one of you. Will always do. InsyaAllah.

Sleeping beauty of Aurora, Aqila Syahiena. Lol

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