Nov 13, 2012

My Words


I just wanna tell you that, don't ever feel that you're alone. I'm here. I will listen to your problems in whatever state I can. I'll try to be a good listener.

Don't you ever feel that you're alone okay. If I'm not there, Allah does. 

The way I love people is simple. I care and appreciate them. Yes.

I care of you. I appreciate your presence in my life.

Maybe on the outside, I seems to be talkative and childish. Maybe you saw me as one of the person who will walk away everytime you needed me. No I'm not. 

I will never walk away from people that I loved. Be it family, or friends, or even someone younger than me. I will never walk away. That's my words. If you do know me long and well enough, then you should believe in me.

Once you're in my life, you will never have an ending in my chapter of life. You will always be there. 

Trust me. I may be not a good friend, and I know that. I just try to be a loyal friend.

You can count on me like one two three. InsyaAllah :D

Dear David Amos, I hoped you're doing well. If you're reading this now ( I hoped you're not. SERIOUSLY ) I just wanna tell you that I'm not so talkative here. I'm afraid nobody can hear my childhood story as patience as you tehee =P Thank you for being a good listener to me. And crying shoulder. And the one who always accompanied me everytime I stayed up studying all night ( even you will always fall asleep -_- ) 

Thank you for your treat on nasi goreng pedas gila. Thank you for your kindness walked me and Dilla to Maman's house. Thank you for your coincidence trip to Mid Valley. Thank you for knowing my favourite type of blouse. Thank you for your treat on ayam masak merah. Thank you for the movie Looper. Thank you for the Sprite and popcorn. Thank you for the ice cream. Thank you for the birthday present. Thank you for the key chain. Thank you for the letter.

And thank you for the Nashrin's song.

For all that you've done to me whether coincidence or not, thank you. I cannot say this to you bcos I really donno how to express all these hahaha. As I've told you, I can't speak well. I just know how to write well.

You're one of my closest friend. And will always be.

* * * * * * * * * *


Highlight perenggan sebelum gambar sahaja okey. Yang bawah gambar tu hanya selingan. Abaikan. Amaran keras ni.

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