Feb 28, 2013

Dear Dilla


This post is specially dedicated to my dear Adillah Farhana.

Dear Dilla, thank you for being my greatest friend here. I can tell you one thing, there's nothing I've hide from you. Dari cerita emo sampai ke angan-angan sepuluh tahun akan datang, semua aku dah cerita pada kau. Hewhew.

I'm here to tell you, don't be afraid. Don't let your past build a wall to your future.

Its not wrong to look back, but try to put some boundaries and border lines okay? I know you can. I believe you will always can. You're one of the most stubborn girl I've ever seen (hehe) therefore I believe you can always rise back and shine, no matter how deep a hole you've fall into.

Saya percaya Adillah Farhana saya seorang yang kuat dan takkan mudah berputus asa. Tahu kenapa saya berani untuk cakap begitu? Sebab saya sayang dia :)

Hold my hands. I can see our victory. Its waiting for us there. We just need to keep walk and secure our heart.

Its there. So close, and getting closer.

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