Mar 13, 2013

Hipsters Are Mainstream


Retards mode is ON.

Meet Syiwu Miwu. Funniest, craziest and adorable friend of mine. Not to mention, she's got a GREAT sense of HUMOUR. 

Meet Adillah. Woody Woodpecker of mine. Anytime anywhere, she'll be there to talk and just talk.
And a good crying shoulder though she's kinda lack of affection. Nyihihi.

Meet Athirah. Behind her spectacles, she's got such a beautiful eyes that I always adore!

And meet Qila. Prettiest human being ever lived. (She's single though!)

Simply because, we can.

1 comment:

Syahirah Nadiah MJ said...

Yes, saya memang lawak and adowable. Semua sayang saya, kan? :3