Mar 10, 2013

Student's Post #2


Basically, mom is the one whom tought me how to cook. So the taste of my dishes and her's should be the same, kan?

But it went oppositely. My dishes have the entirely different taste than mom's dishes! Leulz.

So everytime I finished doing my works at the kitchen, mom will always came by and tasted my dishes. Then she will always said something like:

" Tell me what is the mystery ingredients you've put into this lauk! C'mon tell me tell me I knew you've put something different than I always put! This lauk taste different than mine! "

Mom you're so cute I should pinched your cheeks.

* * * * * * * * * *

There should be at about three weeks before I finished my foundations here at PASUM. The first time I entered this place I was so eager to hold books and pens back but now hell yeah I could probably vomit in front of Physic's books right now.

Well said, this place is remarkable. A place where I learnt to love myself. A place I grow up and became a girl blended into a woman. A place that gave me ups and downs, tears and laughs.

I'm sorry if sometimes I'm being quite a jerk. I always nag, act like a total retards and even get emotional for a lousy reason. Maybe its just a part of me that I've chose to show you guys.

The wall that I build around me is too thick and high. I'm sorry.

I owe you guys this whole heart of love for being my buddies here. I love all of you.

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