Apr 13, 2013

Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh


It has been stated. I'm officially finished my foundation year. I don't know if I will pursue my degree here or not but I just don't care coz I've worked so hard and now I raised my hand back to Allah, may He gave me what's best.

Sebab Tikah pernah cakap, " Selagi kita masih harapkan keputusan yang cemerlang, selagi itulah kita sebenarnya masih belum bertawakal sepenuhnya kepada Dia. "

Be it anything. Be it everything. Be it anywhere. Be it everywhere. I've promised myself to be a devoted student and put all my heart to be a better human being. Better human being, without abandoning my origin and my belongings.

I've promised myself to stay strong. And become stronger. To start a new day every time I opened my eyes and pull the best out of me.

Amboi amboi lepas unprivate blog terus menabur janji ye Qila kemain dia kemain. Ngeh ngeh.

Gonna write more about my beloved ones here.

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