May 30, 2013

Small Circle

Assalamualaikum. Warm regards.

Some people will never thought such a coincidence could lead us somewhere. 

Stick this on your head -- Expect the unexpected.

Because we'll never know maybe that one second unexpected moments could twist our path for a lifetime.

Today-- We fight with a stranger.
Tomorrow-- We have one new good friend.

Having a companion is one of the best thing I could ever have in my life. I can't stand loneliness for quite a long term. If its a day or two, its bearable. If its more than that, thats it. Bij please I'll look for someone to stand my mouth and talk to me for hours.

I just love to share some laughs and tears with someone who willing to stay beside me through thick and thin of our life.

I can turned up from fucked up mood to happy and glorious mood just when someone is here to listen to me. I do appreciate most when you put your 'listening' mode when I'm telling you all my craps and rubbish. I find it way too lovely and valuable. 

And thats what friends always did.

Grateful for having a small circle of good friends. I'd rather stayed in this small circle than go out and being hated by a big crowd of plastics.

Thank you. For listening. Sayang. Peluk sekuat mungkin.

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