Jun 15, 2013

Beautiful Souls


Dear Dilla -- I care for you as if anything ever happened to you, it hits me too. I know you don't do any crying stuffs, but at least when you got nowhere to spill it out, I'm here. Forever as long as you need me to.

Dear Syiru -- My ever funny bright side of life. Just stay as weird as you can, because I rather it was you who made me laugh than being alone and cry. Purified heart and sparkling honest.

Dear Farah -- Pure heart as you ever got. I do hope this happiness that you got stay last and fullfill your life. Nobody has the right to hurt you, because I'm here to support you.

Dear Daniel -- My ever soul little brother whom I care and loved. If anything ever happened to you, it hurls back at me. Reckless, immature and childish. But you got me to stay with you.

Beautiful souls. 

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