Jun 27, 2013

Never Forget


Just consider of how many times a day you have to force yourself to remember something. 

Already by the time you get out of bed, there are many issues with which you have to keep your mind occupied. What is, though, you had actually forgotten about something greatly more important than anything else in your daily life?

This 'something' has to do with the reason of your existence in this world. Even believers may fail to remember this subject sufficiently because man is forgetful.

Engrossed in everyday routines, unless he wills otherwise, he may easily become distracted from the real issues to which he actually needs to pay attention --

He may easily forget that Allah encompasses him all around. 
That He watches him at every moment.
That He listens to him, and that he will one day have to give an account of his actions to Allah.

He may well forget about the certainty of death, the grave, Paradise and Hell, that nothing happens other than which is Allah's will.

And that there is ultimately a reason for everything.

* * * * * * * * * *

Every time I take a peak at Never Forget by Harun Yahya, I'll immediately remember Dilla.

I remember how we circled Pekan Buku on that day. When we dropped by to library and too distracted to study, we decided to go to Pekan Buku and look for something.

And that was when we discovered there's a plenty of Harun Yahya's books at the bottom shelf.

We took 30 minutes to bump into each and every one of those books. We even sit on the floor because standing is too tiring! Hahahaha.

And I can never forget the day when I talked to you about my deepest hope. The one that shocked you the most. When we sit at the library's lobby and have a sip of hot chocolate in front of a mirror.

Bila aku fikir balik -- Aku dah takde apa-apa rahsia dengan dia.

Dari cerita manis sampai cerita pahit. Dari angan-angan sampai impian. Dari ketawa sampai air mata. Dari baik sampai buruk.

Even my deepest dustiest corner that I can never willing to see myself. Semua aku pernah cerita pada dia.

Somehow -- Despite our obvious differences, we do share a lot of common similarities.

Both of us were broken. Both of us were insecured. Both of us were torn apart sometimes.

Mujur Dia itu Maha Tahu. Bila dia down dan jatuh self esteem, Tuhan letak aku dalam keadaan positif dan boleh bantu dia bangun semula. Bila aku menangis teresak-esak, Tuhan letak dia untuk selalu lapang dan dengar tanpa jemu.

Jadi bila lepas ini kita sama-sama terpisah lorong kejar impian yg pernah kita sama lukiskan --
Aku doa moga Dia sentiasa bermurah hati beri kita ruang dan masa.

Ruang dan masa untuk masih lagi sudi ada sesama sendiri.

Till jannah, babe.

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