Jul 21, 2013

Two Weeks Here

Its been almost three weeks since my last bond with any internet connection :(

I'm in my room. Sit down gracefully and borrow Obie's laptop to send one of my assignments through email but here I am, opening Blogspot instead. Hehehe.
I'm staying at Arena Kepayang Putra, nearby Fair Park. I'm sharing this double-storey house with another three first year students, two final year seniors and one Medical Report worker. My room is the biggest one, the master bedroom that I shared with Obie, my new roommate from Melaka. This house belongs to Dr. Elvin, one of the UniKL RCMP's lecturer. I mean, cute nice lecturer. Lol.
But seriously I think he's nice because he provided us with a luxury and fully-furnished brand new house! I mean if you see the conditions of some nearby house that my friends staying at, you'll be forever grateful for what you have. I always heard their complaining about " Takde air " and " Tak selesa " and I'm here, proudly admitted this house as my new Home Sweet Home.
Enough with the house. Actually I didn't mind to stay in any house, as long as I can have my own room and a kitchen to cook. And a big closet. And a clean bathroom. And a nice housemate. Alhamdulillah, forever grateful as I'm here with all the equipment and accommodation.
During Ramadan, the seniors are busy with their final exams. Thus its always the four of us -- Me, Obie, Kinah and Nabihah who bought our groceries and cooked. Since its only me and Nabihah whom  can cook variety of dishes, (bangga sekejap) Obie and Kinah only stand at the kitchen to cut the onions and wash the dishes. Hehehe!

I once joined the PEMBINA (I don't know what it stands for) for iftar. It amazed me how beautiful the ukhwah they created between juniors and seniors. We have a tazkirah given by the President of Medical Society (MEDSOC), Maghrib berjemaah and iftar together using talam. I can never find any of these during my foundation year at UM, thus I'm once again forever grateful for what I have here.

As for the community here, UniKL RCMP seems to show a good exemplary of practicing Islam in our daily life. Since Malay is the majority here, its not a big issues whenever we saw a student with niqab or a guy wearing jubah and ketayap during classes. Seriously, it amazed me. And I'm hoping to be one of those community here :)
I've met several good souls! And looking forward to meet as much as I can during my 2.5 years here and another 2.5 at Vinayaka Mission University :)

But Dr. Elvin, can you please give us wifi at home??????? Pretty please?????

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