Aug 25, 2013

My Crazy Housemate


This is a real story that I scribbled after one whole night staying up doing my ILA assignments :( 

Right now, I'm at home. My real home at Klang. I don't know what droves me here but last Friday, the idea of me coming home popped out of my mind. Whenever I'm at Ipoh, my weekend will be filled with books books books books books food and then books books books sleep sleep sleep books and eventually sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep for like asdfghjkl hours. Hahaha.

I'm opening my phone to check out for my memo and reminder when suddenly I saw something that Kinah  (my housemate) saved for me.

If Hot fm. has a session known as Hot fm. Top Five, I've got my own too. Kinah Top Five.

Kinah Being Crazy Number One :

From my inbox.

"Qila, nombor matrik kau berapa? "

"57260313239. Kenapa?"

"Aku nak saman kau."


"Kau kat mana? Bas kau pukul berapa?"

"4.30. Kau dah on the way lah ni ye? 
Hati-hati kalau ada orang tua gatal kau jangan layan!"

"Aku kidnap, buat laki kau. As hadiah birthday."


Kinah Being Crazy Number Two :

From a memo saved in my phone.

Tnfe pun boleh Kinah. Pun boleh...

Kinah Being Crazy Number Three :

At the road on our way back from terawih at night during Ramadan.

Me : Apahal motor kat belakang ni hon kita weh?

Obie : Gila kot.

Kinah : Dia nak potong ke? Dah cukup laju aku bawak ni.

Suddenly that guy passed through us and yelled :

" Lampu woi, lampu! Bukak lampu! "

Me, Obie and Bihah speechless. While Kinah laughing and turned her car light on.


Kinah Being Crazy Number Four :

At my room.

" Weh cepat! Gambo jom gambo! Bila lagi nak ada gambo pakai tuala! "

Tu hah. Yang kiri tu. 

Yang tudung purple tu. Dia sorang je boleh buat expression muka pelik-pelik camtu.

Kinah Being Crazy Number Five :

At my room.

" Kome, kome tau dak kita nak mai pi kelas esok pukul berapa? "

Aku pandang Obie. Obie pandang aku.

" Kau dah kenapa Kinah campur-campur Perak dengan Kedah ni?! "

" Hybrid. "


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Instead of her Kinah Top Five, she got one beautiful soul that I can never forget.

Whenever I got stressed out doing my BPSS (Biochemistry Problem Solving Session), she will come to me and says "Kalau aku nak tolong ajar boleh?"

Every morning, I'll definitely be the last person whom came out of the house. Kinah will always wait for me patiently and never mention anything about me and Obie being late every morning. Because we go to class together every day using her car and she's the one who's driving, of course I felt guilty for taking so much time every morning to manage my tudung :(

Kinah never scolded anyone. Kinah never complained on anything even its the worst that happened, like the incident when her battery car got stolen last time. Kinah never says anything bad or hurt anybody.

Kinah is one pure and kind hearted person. Even its only nearly two months I've known her, I love her and I always wanted to know her more.

Kinah, saranghae! ^^

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