Sep 11, 2013

For My Beautiful Syiru

" Dear Aqila Syahiena,
You’re the most beautiful soul that I’ve met
You never fail motivate others with your words and advices,
You always be the backbone for others, to support people from falling,
You have such a pure heart, that I couldn’t doubt it at all,
And all your intentions towards others are sincere,
That I know, it’s not being made up by you,
You come to people’s lives,
And you don’t simply go, not like everyone else,
Instead, you bring sunshine,
You are so nice,
I mean it,
Aqila bt Mohd Noor :’)

Ni poem aku buat special utk kau, eventhough aku ni tak berbakat buat poem -,- Hihi sayang qila! "


Just now I've got a notification on my Facebook messages. It came from Syiru, with all of her beautiful words I'll never be able to forget.

And suddenly I miss her so much I could whinning all over my bed, wanting to go back to UM.
Grab her, and hug her. Laugh with her like I used to do.

This new place is nice and amazing, but it will never be the same without her. Without Dilla. Without Farah.

Dear God, I miss her.

Dear God, please protect her wherever she is. Ease her path, and make everybody loves her as a bright soul she is. Let her know that she'll always be something for someone. Let her laugh and smile with all her heart.

Dear God, please tied our friendship forever. And please, let her always know that I love her. That I miss her and will always be here for her.

I miss you, Syiru. A lot.

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