Aug 31, 2013

Her Day

She wake up early in the morning at 6.30 am and sit on her bed. Staring at the clock. Wishing it will never move.

She inhaled a deep and long breath. Walk towards the bathroom and take a shower.

Performing her subuh prayer and pray to The Almighty so that the day will be better than yesterday.

She took her baju kurung. Wear her contact lens and apply some powder. Wrap a veil around her head and sit down.

Took a sip of warm milk and she's ready to go.

Learn something new.
Met some beautiful soul.

Trying her best to be a happy and young bright girl like she used to be.

Trying her best to throw all those sadness and remember her main goal.

So that when she came back on 7.00 pm to her house, she can took a long shower peacefully.

She will sit down at the pray mat after Maghrib and recite the beautiful words of Holy Quran.

She will held all those tears from streaming down her cheeks and strengthen her heart.

She cannot be fragile. She must not be fragile.

She must remember 3:200 and 2:214.

Do some revision on Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry Pathology, mumbling around with her roommate and eventually climb her bed.

Wrap a blanket around her and face the wall. Away from the world.

Held those tears again.

And eventually drift to sleep.

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