Jul 6, 2014

Peak Of Faith 2014


Today was a good day. I'm blessed with the presence of three beautiful souls who accompanied me to Kuala Lumpur.

We're attending a talk programme held by Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM), which is Peak Of Faith : One God, But Why So Many Religions?

Truth to be told, this is my first time joining a programme like this.
I never had the chance to participate before, simply because last year I'm too busy keeping myself indoor and err, didn't quite socialized with people in my batch hehe. 

I don't know how to express myself, being in a place where you've been surrounded by muallaf (mostly Chinese) and your brain somehow light its bulb, telling you that you should be ashamed because they're so much better as Muslims compared to you.

As if I've wasted twenty years of my life knows nothing about the true meaning of Islam and how peaceful a person could be when he/she puts Allah in their heart. Solely.

Panels that were invited are Dr. Bilal Philips from Qatar and Syeikh Hussain Yee from Malaysia. Actually, 78% of Dr. Bilal's speech was filled with me trying to combat my scumbag sleepiness and slapping my own cheeks (asdfghjkl).

But thankfully I am fully awake when Syeikh Hussain Yee took the mic. Its not that I'm not interested in Dr. Bilal, its just me and my sleeping habit is way too irritating and I just can't help it. Really (hands down)!

Overall, the talk is a massive satisfaction for me.
I thank Allah for soften my heart to come here.

And since my mom is at IPG Kampus Bahasa Melayu KL, I was able to meet her even just for a while! I literally jump out of the car the moment I saw her outside the building.

After all the pain I've felt these past few days, I can't help myself but missing my mom so much up to one point I just don't have the heart to do anything.

Because my mom is my everything.

My guardian angel.
My sonata of the springfield.

This heart was filled with sadness and numbness.
This heart was torn apart and nothing I could do to heal it immediately.

And mom's hug, though didn't heal the pain, still enough to make me feel loved again. To know that I always have this one person who will always love me no matter how hard things could be.

And simply didn't shut me off.

On my way back to Ipoh, mom texted me with " My daughter is beautiful when she's smiling. "

Damn I can't wait for 11th of July.
I wish I could skip this whole week and forget everything.

And as I'm here, at 1.40 am wearing my pyjamas, I thank Allah for everything today. I thank Allah for every beautiful feelings I've felt today.

Thank you my Lord, for this beautiful friendship with Miera, Mak and Azwa.
Thank you my Lord, for my mom's warm hug and kisses.
Thank you my Lord, for delicious Wondermilk's butterscotch and cupcakes.

Thank you Ya Rabb.
For making me feel slightly better today.

How can I not be grateful and thankful?

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Love you too Qila. Sincerely, your blog hogger