Jul 24, 2014


Its quite cold out here
Dark, too.

But mostly I have the stars ;
To reminds me of you.

I think about the others
The ones that hold you near
And get to feel your warmth.

Oh how I would love to get to know you!

But it doesn't really matter
Because I'm so far out of reach
For I am very small in your universe
Uncounted and betrayed 
And you are the reigning Sun
Almighty and praised.

A great distance from where you are
I crave to feel your presence
Because maybe someday when you dominate everything you love
I will be left, for you never knew me.

While I watched from a distance
Alone in our existence.

Its ironic really
For I am the one remembered for being forgotten.

I hope for a better day, where you'll know that I'm here
But for now I hope you're happy
And it should stay that way.

So even while you do not know me
You will forever be in my heart and stay
So hello my love, most call me Pluto.

Aqila Syahiena, with inspired by Pluto
For a sip of sadness that bounced back so sudden ;
At 3 am in the morning.

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