Aug 2, 2014

Emptiness (Dark)

Why does it got to go from good to gone?

All I want is for someone to listen. Just listen.
It doesn't matter the craps that goes out of my mouth.
Just listen, will ya?

I know some of the things that I did was wrong.
I know sometimes I could be so weak and vulnerable.
I know, at one point I will do the stupidest thing and all people wanted to do is to slap me hard.
I know.

But for once, can you please just listen?
Because that's all I ever wanted to right now.

I used to have someone who listens without judging me 'weak' or 'too soon to give up'.
But now everyone's gone.

I'm thinking to consult a doctor for my antidepressant prescriptions.

Because I keep on hallucinating things that I've lost.
Hanafi, my past, and all my friends. Including my own self.

I can't even differentiate which one is reality and fantasy anymore.
Sometimes I wish everything could be turned down and shut off for a while, so I will never get left behind while this world keeps on spinning.

I remember how I used to cut my wrist back then. 
To forget the emotional pain and replace it with physical pain.

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