Aug 8, 2014

Just Ignore (Dark)

I know its stupid.

But I tend to get a lil bit of jealous whenever any acquaintances of mine became friends with any of my best friends. When somebody whom is a friend of mine get to know my best friend and somehow get into our little friendship.

The situation is more or less like this :
A and I, we've been friends for a long time and I love A. A is my best friend and B is my friend, but not too close. I introduced A to B and somehow they became friends. Up till one point, sometimes I get left behind in our friendship..

Yeah I know its stupid.
What a childish thinking.

But after being stabbed and left behind by bunch of people whom I trust, I can't afford to lose any of my truly best friends. The circle slowly became smaller and smaller. The amount of people I really can get along with is becoming fewer and lesser.

I know my best friends are not mine to be claimed or protected, but yeah I can't help but feels like I've being left behind.

This is stupid.
I really need to stop controlling things that goes beyond my reach.

This world, and all the contents inside it are not mine to be claimed.
And all of us got our own rights to choose whatever we want.

No matter how sad it is, people can always choose.
And their choice is for us to respect, though it hurts.

This is just a stupid thought of silly little me.
Ignore everything.

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