Aug 5, 2014

Now And Later (Dark)

I tend to write more when I'm in a deep sadness.

So basically the idea of me writing in this site for almost every day I guess, is not to tell the world about my life journey (if only I still have one) or my not-so-happy faith of love. 

I am writing all these so that whenever the dark days went away and the light strikes my day, I will remember who I once was and how I survived all those tough episodes.

I want to reread all the words that came from this emotionally damaged soul. I want to embrace every tears and pains that came across my path, for my journey of finding my own happiness will never end.

Someday - Or perhaps several years from now, I want to read back all the words that was written here. 

For who I once was and who I will become, I will never deny my past, regardless how dark it seems to be.

Now, the sun is hiding.
Thunders and rains pouring my days.

Now, I am struggling with my inner fighter.
Hopes, dreams and motivations seems so far away.

Now, this world is nothing but a mess.
Flowers didn't bloomed. Leaves fall down to the earth.

Now, I saw nothing but darkness.

But darkness was not meant to be forever.
I wasn't worth the sad ending.

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