Oct 28, 2014

Pods And Petals


My name is Aqila and I would like to clear up several things upon this blog.

1. One person used to say that if you wanted to know me, you can read my whole blog and everything about me is in your hand. Well that works several months ago, but not now. I'm in a phase of healing and trying to get rid of anything negative upon my life. So in this blog, I will only write about my life experience or my personal insight on anything. No more depressing poems in this blog for temporary time being. 

2. I used to write everything that comes into my mind in this blog. But as I said above - No more depressing poems in this blog for temporary time being. I wanted to get a clean and fresh start for this blog. It has been my life journal for about four years now. People read it, and people judged. I never care about people's perceptions on me before, but since I'm healing from my depression, it kinda disturbed me for letting people to keep on reading about my deepest thought and judging me upon my choices. So I've decided to use my Tumblr to wrote anything that came from my emotions, and not this blog. Don't bother to search for my Tumblr. I only let two people to read it, and if I told you my username and link, you must be someone significant for having my deepest trust.

3. I kinda wrote some shit and crap in this blog during my depression state. So I've put a "Dark" tag upon those posts so that you could differentiate which one is the normal me and which one is the dark me. Again, people judged. Nah, screwed you.

4. It took me several months before I've decided to unprivate this blog like it used to be. Its a big step for me. For letting people to read my story. I'm doing this to convince myself that I'm not scared anymore. I'm stronger, and better. And I did this for any depressed people out there. I want them to read this blog, to read my story and to realize that I used to feel the same way too. I'm not alone. They're not alone. I'm a fighter, they're a fighter and we're a fighter. All of us.

5. Hitting my second year in medical degree, I realized I haven't done as much as other people who strive for the best. I hope this blog is a virtual timeline of me trying to achieve my dream, and growing up with my brightest colours.

6. I'm sorry for my stern words in this post. I'm sorry for everything. For all the people whom I might hurt when I was hurting.

7. I love you Adillah Farhana.

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