May 25, 2015

Hunter x Hunter


Did I ever wrote here upon my first love?

As ridiculous as it sound, he was an anime character named Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, a boy whose heart has been poisoned with sadness and hatred due to the massacre of his clan. Back then when I was eight, I watched lots of anime series (Cardcaptor Sakura, Naruto, Yu Gi-Oh! etc) and my favourite so far has always been Hunter x Hunter. I've stopped following the series when I entered Standard Six and being a good nerdy as I am up till now, focused more on UPSR instead.

Last year as I'm reconnecting the dots of my childhood, the thought came to me as I've been leaving my favourite anime far behind. I checked on the internet and noticed that they're making a remake of Hunter x Hunter on 2011! Banzai!!

And that, my good people, is how an addicted sleepless nights begin.

Luckily I've grown up enough to put my Professional Examination on top of my long lost forgotten first love. Restricting myself is hard enough, therefore even after Professional Examination ended few months ago I still haven't gather the courage to resume my anime schedule. The addiction is terrifying. The urge and needs to satisfy my curiosity upon the next episodes is unbearably intoxicating. I can't! I'll fail my medical school if I'm going to continuously put an act like this!!

So after several months of self control, I've decided to take a peak on the latest news of Hunter x Hunter in a Hunterpedia site.




Togashi wai yu du dis tu mi wai wai?!

Picking up the broken pieces heart of mine, I watched Hunter x Hunter's Final Episode (Till Now x And x From Now) and cries violently. Because my long lost first love Kurapika isn't actually the main character of this anime, I was quite devastated because he only appeared for like 5 seconds in this final episode and the rest is about Gon who finally found Ging, his father.

But the ending was beautiful.
Hats off.

I was a little bit empty after the second last episode, to be honest – Gon and Killua’s parting was not the emotional catharsis I’d hoped it might be. But this finale gave the series the kind of closure it needed, even subtly casting Gon and Killua’s status in a different light.

I have a lot of resistance to Ging, generally speaking, because on a very basic level the notion that anything could be important enough to walk away from a beautiful son who loves you and leave his upbringing entirely up to someone else is foreign to me. Ging has a very important role here in addition to being Gon’s goal – He represents the pure Hunter ideal better than anyone else in the cast. To be free (maybe don’t knock a girl up if you want freedom, but never mind). To always be searching for something – to always hunt. To be driven not by greed but by the simple desire to know, to experience, and even to do some service to society along the way. And as Mito said, Gon, being his son, certainly inherited Ging's essential nature in this respect.

More than that, though, it was in the quest for Ging that Gon learned the first big lesson that Ging taught him on top of the World Tree – What’s important is not the destination, but the journey. While the boy Ging had a worthwhile goal (to set up a nonprofit for stewardship if priceless archaeological relics he’s never otherwise get to see), the best thing about the experience was the friends he made on the way. And for Gon, frankly, the best thing about his quest for Ging was meeting Killua, Kurapika and Leorio – And all the others whose lives he touched, and who touched his. And I think Ging, for all his faults, would have no problem accepting that.

The entire father-son talk was more emotionally satisfying than I expected, if I’m honest. And it acted as a tantalizing glimpse of the wonders Togashi still has in mind for Hunter X Hunter, should we all be so fortunate as to see them brought to life. This is the reason for Ging’s continued journey – there’s a new world outside the one we’ve seen, one which dwarfs it in every way – and it was this world from whence the Chimera Ants came. There are “at least” four requirements to visit this world – Authorization, Means, Qualification and Contract. And Ging, who’s been called “the best Hunter in the world”, hasn’t achieved a single one of them yet.

In the end, though, that doesn’t matter – because he’s enjoying the journey so much. I could have lived without the “If our paths should cross again” he offered Gon, but the advice which followed it was Ging’s finest moment as a father – “Enjoy the little detours. To the fullest.” So many boys’ lives would be richer and happier if their fathers had communicated this utterly simple bit of wisdom – it’s the essence of the adventurous soul, the heart of what separates a traveler from a tourist. Togashi clearly understands this deep in his soul, and the beauty of this notion permeates Hunter X Hunter through and through. It was present at the beginning of the series, and many travails along the way notwithstanding, it was present at the end. And that’s exactly as it should be.

As the episode concludes, we take a trip ourselves as the full version of “Departure” plays – not into the past, but into the present. Morel and Knov (somewhat recovered, happily) settle their bets as to who would go to fight the Chimera Ants, and drink a toast of vintage champagne to Netero’s memory. Knuckle, Palm, Meleoron and Ikalgo are together happily at the recuperating Shoot’s bedside. The picture which closes the OP sits on Leorio’s bookshelf – that sweet, sentimental guy that he is. He’s still trying to reach Kurapika, who still isn’t answering – but he’s clearly made progress in his goal to recover the eyes of his fellow Kurta (THIS IS THE FIVE SECONDS PART OF MY DEAREST FIRST LOVE!). Canary and Amane visit Gotoh’s grave, and he shockingly appears – except it’s really a Kiriko, presumably there to hide the painful truth from Killua. Beneath the palace in East Gorteau, Marshal and Spy rest for eternity, hands clasped. Killua and Alluka greet the new morning, side by side. And Gon takes the wonder of Spinner Clow’s Small-billed Swans at Kaito’s side, eyes bright and smiling, the possibilities as endless as his limitless imagination. Indeed, the only thing missing is Hisoka, who’s such an important part of Gon’s journey that it feels as if we should have seen him one last time.

This sequence was the hardest part of the episode for me to get through, to be honest – indeed I’m finding myself back in that place now, just writing about it. But that’s also as it should be, after everything we’ve been through with Gon and the people he’s met, the ending should be both happy and sad, because neither would do justice to the journey without the presence of the other. This is both an end and a beginning, because the journey always continues as long as we have life and the will to make the most of it.

And there it ends – 148 episodes, three years, countless emotions. I’ve said all there is to say about why I feel Hunter X Hunter will go down as the greatest shounen adaptation of all-time, and one of anime’s greatest series. It’s a perfect storm, a marriage of a truly brilliant writer with an anime staff and cast that was committed from day one to making something truly great. And they’ve succeeded, gloriously so. The words of those who worked on the series are full of the love they feel for it, and the impact it’s had on their lives – and it’s certainly the same in its small way for we who loved it as viewers. When people are truly passionate about their work it shows through in a way that can’t be faked, and that passion made Hunter X Hunter into something that’s special in every way.

I feel so many emotions now when thinking of Hunter X Hunter – sadness, affection, curiosity about the future, but most of all I feel gratitude to those people for pouring so much of themselves into making something truly lasting and important. That work is its own reward, the journey that truly matters – But their legacy is the series that will stand as one of anime’s most remarkable achievements and the joy that it brought to so many viewers all over the world. Surely, there can be no truer definition of art than that.

You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want. 
- Ging Freecs

 * * * * * * * * * * *

Kurapika, Gon, Killua and Leorio.

My long lost childhood first love.


May 24, 2015

Workout Routine

Disebabkan sejak kebelakangan ini aku sangat mudah letih dan lesu, aku putuskan untuk mencuba sesuatu yang sepatutnya seorang pelajar perubatan yang belajar tentang kesihatan sudah lama lakukan.



So I searched on You Tube for any easy aerobic routine and downloaded this :

Kinda scared of her muscular body thou.

Pagi Ahad yang murni ini telah menyaksikan betapa keras, janggal, aneh dan abnormal nya pergerakan badan aku dalam usaha mengikut rentak Bipasha Basu selama 30 minit yang penuh azab. I have to admit that I like the idea of me dancing and moving my body freely, but thats it - I only like the IDEA. Because if you see how I looked like just now, you've probably taped it and send it to Just For Laugh Gags, or maybe America's Funniest Home Videos.

And I probably overdid the abs exercise because I'm practically laughing at myself the entire workout session.

But that's okay. Its the effort that matters! I won't give up and will be doing this everyday until I'm fit enough to be walking around the hospital and stay energetic!

Fatigue and sleepy no more! *fist bump*

May 22, 2015

Bed Bed Bed

I'm deadly tired.

Its been a very hectic week since I've attended almost like six meetings in a row and I have to squeeze my preparation for today's forum with my academic schedule and adaptation process to clinical years. Ended up getting only 3-4 hours of sleep everyday, I looked way more and more terrible in each passing day.

Seriously. Skipping my breakfast, dozed off in Statistics class, unable to go for lunch and my anger management went horrible due to my lack of sleep and overload stress. Luckily I'm much into rational, so whenever I was feeling like I'm going to kick someone's butt, I'll shut my mouth and activate my silent mode button.

Ini bukan mengeluh tau, ini sekadar catatan peringatan supaya bila suatu hari nanti whenever career and responsibilities hit me like a truck, I'll remember that tiresome and zombified had always been my middle name since forever HAHA YOU GO GIRL!

So when today's forum ended, I quickly rushed back home and practically bumped myself on bed for a seven hours straight sleep and wake up with me eating a big pile of rice, chicken paprik and a big gulp of fresh orange.

Feel so good to finally listen to myself again. My heart really knows what it wants.

P/S : I've learnt something today about those DOUCHEBAGS and poured my anger on Tumblr. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LESSONS BY NOT RESPECTING YOU FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

PP/S : Anger management issue. Probably a couple more hours of sleep could help.

* * * * * * * * * *

Someone accidentally noticed my desktop's background image. "That little girl on the left side is so cute.", I said. "But I wasn't talking bout that girl. Its the person next to her I was referring to." She said.

And I talked about today's weather.

May 19, 2015

Training Of Trainer Camp

For our UniKL RCMP Welcoming Orientation Week (WOW) June Intake 2015, a training camp was done to brief and train the facilitators so that they could handle the orientation week on their own. For June intake, usually the facilitators consists of diploma students but this year the management took few of facilitators from MBBS and Bachelor of Pharmacy as well.

I wasn't one of the facilitators, but I came to the camp located at Kurau Stone (lelz Batu Kurau sudah ler) Highlands and Homestay as one of the SRC responsible to keep an eye upon them and monitor the whole programme. Lets say initially I'm quite reluctant to go since we've got a meeting with MARA regarding our university's transfer process to India on that Saturday. But unfortunately from 7 members of SRC, only Amal, Mail and Faiq were able and agreed to attend the camp. To make it worse, they've entered their study week period since all Faculty of Pharmacy & Health Sciences students will be facing their end of semester examination. None of us SRC from Faculty of Medicine put our name to go to the camp although we're basically free that weekend (if I didn't count that MARA meeting).

So to erase all my bad and uneasy feeling for seeing Amal, Mail and Faiq go to the camp with their final examination just around the corner, I threw away my MARA meeting and packed my bag to the camp. I WhatsApp-ed Miera, telling her to make a live update to me for the meeting progress.

And when my face appeared at Batu Kurau, En Azizi (our Head of Student Service Department) teased me "Permaisuri tak senang duduk letteww tengok anak-anak pegi kem takde sape nak pantau." and I just winked at him with both my peace sign on face.

With some of the adik kakak and abang hensem diploma students.

The Royal Sisterhood

Your very own King Mail and The Majestic Queen Qila.

And yassss Mail dah lali dengan sifat narcissism aku. Sampai satu masa dia layankan aje perangai masing-masing janji kerja siap lels #longliveabammail!

I really hope I could make the best out of everything before the time comes and I have to leave every single one of things here.

Forum Ilmuwan Muslim Negeri Perak

Aku sangat-sangat menunggu program pembudayaan ilmu seperti ini. Mahasiswa perlu lebih kenyang dan hadam akan ilmu-ilmu baru yang akan membentuk fikiran serta diri yang lebih bertamadun.

InsyaAllah, semoga bermanfaat :)

* * * * * * * * * *

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera buat semua warga UniKL RCMP khususnya.

Untuk makluman semua, UniKL RCMP telah terpilih untuk menjadi tuan rumah bagi program Forum Ilmuwan Muslim Negeri Perak Bersama Shaykh Dr Al Muhaddith Syed Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Husayni Al Ninowy (Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, University of Georgia, USA) dengan tajuk "THE APPLICATION OF ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE IN MEDICAL PROFESSION". Program ini dianjurkan oleh pihak Kerajaan Negeri Perak bersempena dengan sambutan Hari Pertabalan DYMM Sultan Perak.

Sehubungan dengan itu, pihak universiti bersama kolaborasi daripada pihak SRC menjemput semua pelajar dan orang ramai untuk turut sama hadir bagi memeriahkan majlis ilmu tersebut.

Berikut merupakan butiran lengkap program :

Tarikh : 22 Mei 2015 (Jumaat)
Masa : 8.30 pagi hingga 12.00 tengahari
Tempat : Multipurpose Hall (MPH), UniKL RCMP Kampus Greentown

Para hadirin diminta memakai pakaian yang sopan dan menutup aurat bagi menghormati majlis. Semoga segala input yang akan diperolehi semasa majlis ilmu itu nanti boleh diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan seharian buat manfaat seluruh umat di dunia mahupun akhirat, insyaAllah.

Sebarang pertanyaan atau kemusykilan boleh dirujuk pada Aqila (Timb. Presiden SRC) di 013-2790763.

Sekian, terima kasih.


May 18, 2015

Kekuatan Tembok

Training of Trainer Camp June Intake 2015
Kurau Stone Highlands, Batu Kurau
1315, 17 Mei 2015.

"Kau ada tak sorang best friend yang kau boleh cerita semua benda kat dia?"

Aku sedang berpusing-pusing dengan hula hoop sambil melontar bola getah ke dinding apabila ditanyakan soalan itu. Serta merta aku berhenti bergerak dan memandang tepat ke arah empunya badan. Amal (Amalina) yang turut serta terkinja-kinja bermain bersama aku juga berhenti dan merapati aku.


Dan dia terus menghela nafas sambil mempamerkan riak muka 'Dah agak dah'. Aku segera mengesan aura syarahan yang bakal dia keluarkan. Kadang aku seperti mahu lari jauh-jauh daripada sifat observant milik Faiq. Pedih mendengar diri dikritik dan realiti dikupas barangkali. Tapi dah terlambat untuk lari. Dia terlebih dahulu memegang kuat hula hoop yang aku gantung pada badan.

"Aku dah perasan lama dah. Kau ni bahaya tau tak. Aku tau kau memang wanita gagah, tapi kadang-kadang terlalu gagah pun tak boleh Qila. Takut sampai satu masa, diri kau sendiri yang break apart."

Kebiasaannya apabila muncul seseorang yang mengeluarkan ayat dengan tema 'Jangan Pendam Semua Kesedihan Anda', aku akan terus mengelak dengan 'Takde Apa, Aku Okay. Kau Yang Risau Terlebih'. Tetapi apabila Faiq berdiri di hadapan aku dengan pandangan mata yang mendesak aku untuk tidak menyembunyikan apa-apa dan Amal disisi pula mula memeluk aku seolah-olah aku akan melarikan diri, aku berdiri diam dan kaku tanpa suara.

"Aku tak menangis depan orang."

"Aku dah kenal sangat dengan kau ni Qila. Aku tengok muka pun aku tau apa yang ada dalam fikiran kau. Tapi kitorang risau tau tak, sebab kau tak pernah cerita apa-apa. Kau simpan je semua sorang-sorang." Amal di kanan mula menembak aku.

"Tak salah sebenarnya kalau kau nak bergantung sikit kat orang. Aku dah lama perhati cara kau. Kau memang totally pisahkan perasaan kau dari orang even kadang obvious gila yang kau tengah fikir benda lain. Bagitau aku sekarang, kau okay ke tak?" Faiq di depan masih lagi memegang kuat hula hoop aku dan ikut sama menembak.

"And by the way, kau ingat aku tak tau kau menangis bawah selimut malam tadi?"

Aku tarik semula hula hoop daripada pegangan Faiq dan memeluk Amal sambil berkata "Aku okayyyyyyyy~" dengan girang. Kemudian aku berjalan kearah kumpulan pelajar-pelajar diploma dan mengacau mereka yang sedang berlatih untuk persembahan penutup kem tersebut.

Lima minit kemudian aku duduk di barisan hadapan pentas sambil menonton persembahan pelajar. Dan dicelah-celah keriangan penonton yang bertepuk tangan dan bersorak, mata aku tertangkap pada Amal yang sedang merenung aku. Aku tidak tahu sama ada dia perasan atau tidak bahawa hanya jasad aku yang duduk di dalam dewan tersebut, tetapi pandangan mata Amal pada saat itu amat lembut dan dalam hingga sedikit kebencian timbul pada diri sendiri. Kebencian terhadap tembok yang aku bina untuk mengasingkan perasaan aku daripada perkara lain.

Kalaulah mereka tahu, bukannya aku tidak mahu. Tetapi aku sudah tidak tahu.
Aku sudah lupa bagaimana cara dan rasa menceritakan sesuatu kepada seseorang. 

Ramai orang sering berkata begini -

Tabahkan hati.
Jadi manusia yang kuat.
Jangan lemah semangat.
Engkau kuat! Engkau mesti kuat!

Dan segala yang berbunyi Kuat Kuat Kuat dan Kuat.

Tetapi mereka lupa untuk mengingatkan bahawa apabila kita menjadi terlalu kuat, kita akan mula bergantung sepenuhnya terhadap diri sendiri dan menolak semua manusia yang datang mahu menembusi tembok peribadi.

Hingga sampai suatu masa, kuat itu akan sinonim dengan sunyi.
Dan ketika kita sedar saat itu tiba, sudah terlambat untuk segala tembok itu dilembutkan semula.

May 11, 2015

Public Health & Egg Yolk

After more than a month done nothing at home and left my books like I was the most genius medical student on earth, I finally crack my skull today.

And alhamdulillah, so far everything went well :)

Though my lack of sleep last night, (I was too excited for this day lol) I woke up nice and fresh, took a long bath, wear my favourite kurung, put on my Vanilla perfume and went to the kitchen for a glass of cold lime water that I made and chilled in the refrigerator last night. Dunno how and why but recently anything sour just taste so good on my tastebuds!

Maybe I'm a lil bit exaggerating, but today everything seems so beautiful and bright. Everyone got a glowing happiness on their face and I just can't stop myself from smiling and greeting everyone I've known. I even pay 125% attention to everything that I've learned today and went straight to the library to borrow Global Health and Community Healthcare books! Okay this is going overboard and too much. Okay I must admit that I fall asleep for bout ten seconds during Dr. Handsome's class and those books stayed on my table for about five hours before I've decided to take a sneak peek on it.

Class ended at 4, and five of us - Me and my housemates went out to look for a dinner. And just so you know, dinner before 6 pm have been a huge privilege nowadays! It would be so hard to squeeze our time for a proper dinner after this. But then again, maybe I was the one who wouldn't walk the talk. Entah-entah pulang dari hospital aku akan terus serbu gerai keropok lekor depan pagar dan sumbat berketul-ketul keropok sambil mengalirkan air mata syawal dek kerana lapar yang merentap waras. Dan ya, itu adalah tidak mustahil.

During our dinner just now, I took a glance over Jannah's meal and I saw that 'thing'. That yellow, luscious, slimy and intoxicating 'thing' was on her plate.


"Iyewwwwwwwww. Nah amik."

The happiness was mine. All mine. I deserve each and every kind of happiness in this world when Jannah hand over her egg yolk (telur kuning) to me. I was the happiest human being ever lived today. I LIVE MY MONDAY WELL. I WAS THE MOTHER OF ALL EGG YOLK EVER EXISTED.

Then when Imah teased me, "Kau merengek macam mana pun jangan harap aku nak bagi telur kuning aku pulak!" I quickly shoved my tongue out my mouth to her and smiled brightly to Jannah.

"Sebenarnya aku suka jugak makan telur kuning. Tapi aku tau, Qila lagi suka."



This kind of people, I tell you, deserves all the loves and flowers from all egg yolk lovers in this world. Hands down.

May 10, 2015

Sugar Rush

Tomorrow is my very first day in clinical years.

Should I raise both my hands and say "Banzai!! Banzai!!!" or should I grieve and mourn my past two years because after this I'm not going to have the opportunities to sleep in my lecture theater anymore?

Typical sleepyhead Aqila gonna miss her short deep sweet and sinful naps.
Lol whatever it is, ready or not, hospital-bed-hospital life here I come!

Today is the registration day and we've been given both our groupings and postings schedule. It occurred to me that my first posting is going to be Public Health - Where we organized measures (whether public or private) to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole. Its activities aim to provide conditions in which people can be healthy and focus on entire populations, not on individual patients or diseases.

(Oh yes, I googled those. Just trying to give you the impression that I'm smart and I knew what's the deal in my life while practically I'm burning inside out trying to figure out what and what.)

My group, which consists of 27 people will conduct our studies at the area around Kinta. I've just scanned thru all my schedule and apparently the only leisure time I'll have to see my family (and my 10 cats) again is during Raya celebration! Medicine why you so serious man?!

So in our Year Three, we'll have 8 postings in total -

1. Public Health
2. Basic Communication Course
3. Medicine
4. Surgery (my favourite of all!)
5. Pediatrics
6. Psychiatry
7. Obstetric & Gynecology
8. Orthopedics

But we'll be divided into several smaller groups, and each group will be assigned with different postings from each other.

I'm currently learning on how to manage my time well, because I have to devote myself in both studies and other responsibilities. And in other responsibilities, it includes SRC, sleep, eating proper dinner, adopt new kittens, redecorating my room, came home as much as I can and most importantly, try HARDLY not to lose myself in the glorious magnificent and the ultimate immortal EYEBAGS.

And by the way, I've bought a new laptop. Well it is considered as a new one since it replace my very first laptop which have been stolen two years ago. Why am I mentioning this? BECAUSE I STARVED MYSELF TO DEATH JUST TO BUY A NEW ONE WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF MY PARENTS AND YES, I SALUTE MYSELF FOR THIS SWEET VICTORY SO HERE I AM, BRAGGING UPON MY SUCCESS.

Two years ago, my father bought me a laptop considering I never have one, and one week after that at Ipoh, it was stolen from me. I've tried my best not to mention it to my parents because if there's one thing I hate most after irresponsibility, its is breaking my parents' heart. So I kept quiet upon my stolen laptop and whenever they're asking me "Where's your laptop?", I'll create 1000 and 1 excuses to avoid myself from telling the truth. I don't always tell lies, but whenever I have to, I'm tremendously good at it. Trust me. 

I know I'm basically lying (oh God the word sounds so sinful) to my parents, but some things are best untold and unknown, is it?

Recently I've moved to a new rent house here at Ipoh.

Speaking of which, I'm now in my new room located at the third floor. Alone and deserted, as usual. This new house ain't that bad, considering the much much cheaper rent (from 230 per room to 130) and that I've got my own bathroom plus a balcony. Its a lil bit old and rusty, but I'll get used to it eventually. I always do.

So I've ironed my baju kurung, packed my bag and read a few paragraphs upon Public Health (so zemangat uolss!). Off to sleep here we go!

The holiday-without-any-books me.
Hey look, finally I've agreed with instant shawl!

p/s : I'm slightly into narcissism.

May 6, 2015

Always A Loner (Dark)

It would be nice to have a place you can truly called home.
Which sadly, none for me.