May 22, 2015

Bed Bed Bed

I'm deadly tired.

Its been a very hectic week since I've attended almost like six meetings in a row and I have to squeeze my preparation for today's forum with my academic schedule and adaptation process to clinical years. Ended up getting only 3-4 hours of sleep everyday, I looked way more and more terrible in each passing day.

Seriously. Skipping my breakfast, dozed off in Statistics class, unable to go for lunch and my anger management went horrible due to my lack of sleep and overload stress. Luckily I'm much into rational, so whenever I was feeling like I'm going to kick someone's butt, I'll shut my mouth and activate my silent mode button.

Ini bukan mengeluh tau, ini sekadar catatan peringatan supaya bila suatu hari nanti whenever career and responsibilities hit me like a truck, I'll remember that tiresome and zombified had always been my middle name since forever HAHA YOU GO GIRL!

So when today's forum ended, I quickly rushed back home and practically bumped myself on bed for a seven hours straight sleep and wake up with me eating a big pile of rice, chicken paprik and a big gulp of fresh orange.

Feel so good to finally listen to myself again. My heart really knows what it wants.

P/S : I've learnt something today about those DOUCHEBAGS and poured my anger on Tumblr. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LESSONS BY NOT RESPECTING YOU FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

PP/S : Anger management issue. Probably a couple more hours of sleep could help.

* * * * * * * * * *

Someone accidentally noticed my desktop's background image. "That little girl on the left side is so cute.", I said. "But I wasn't talking bout that girl. Its the person next to her I was referring to." She said.

And I talked about today's weather.

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