May 11, 2015

Public Health & Egg Yolk

After more than a month done nothing at home and left my books like I was the most genius medical student on earth, I finally crack my skull today.

And alhamdulillah, so far everything went well :)

Though my lack of sleep last night, (I was too excited for this day lol) I woke up nice and fresh, took a long bath, wear my favourite kurung, put on my Vanilla perfume and went to the kitchen for a glass of cold lime water that I made and chilled in the refrigerator last night. Dunno how and why but recently anything sour just taste so good on my tastebuds!

Maybe I'm a lil bit exaggerating, but today everything seems so beautiful and bright. Everyone got a glowing happiness on their face and I just can't stop myself from smiling and greeting everyone I've known. I even pay 125% attention to everything that I've learned today and went straight to the library to borrow Global Health and Community Healthcare books! Okay this is going overboard and too much. Okay I must admit that I fall asleep for bout ten seconds during Dr. Handsome's class and those books stayed on my table for about five hours before I've decided to take a sneak peek on it.

Class ended at 4, and five of us - Me and my housemates went out to look for a dinner. And just so you know, dinner before 6 pm have been a huge privilege nowadays! It would be so hard to squeeze our time for a proper dinner after this. But then again, maybe I was the one who wouldn't walk the talk. Entah-entah pulang dari hospital aku akan terus serbu gerai keropok lekor depan pagar dan sumbat berketul-ketul keropok sambil mengalirkan air mata syawal dek kerana lapar yang merentap waras. Dan ya, itu adalah tidak mustahil.

During our dinner just now, I took a glance over Jannah's meal and I saw that 'thing'. That yellow, luscious, slimy and intoxicating 'thing' was on her plate.


"Iyewwwwwwwww. Nah amik."

The happiness was mine. All mine. I deserve each and every kind of happiness in this world when Jannah hand over her egg yolk (telur kuning) to me. I was the happiest human being ever lived today. I LIVE MY MONDAY WELL. I WAS THE MOTHER OF ALL EGG YOLK EVER EXISTED.

Then when Imah teased me, "Kau merengek macam mana pun jangan harap aku nak bagi telur kuning aku pulak!" I quickly shoved my tongue out my mouth to her and smiled brightly to Jannah.

"Sebenarnya aku suka jugak makan telur kuning. Tapi aku tau, Qila lagi suka."



This kind of people, I tell you, deserves all the loves and flowers from all egg yolk lovers in this world. Hands down.

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