May 19, 2015

Training Of Trainer Camp

For our UniKL RCMP Welcoming Orientation Week (WOW) June Intake 2015, a training camp was done to brief and train the facilitators so that they could handle the orientation week on their own. For June intake, usually the facilitators consists of diploma students but this year the management took few of facilitators from MBBS and Bachelor of Pharmacy as well.

I wasn't one of the facilitators, but I came to the camp located at Kurau Stone (lelz Batu Kurau sudah ler) Highlands and Homestay as one of the SRC responsible to keep an eye upon them and monitor the whole programme. Lets say initially I'm quite reluctant to go since we've got a meeting with MARA regarding our university's transfer process to India on that Saturday. But unfortunately from 7 members of SRC, only Amal, Mail and Faiq were able and agreed to attend the camp. To make it worse, they've entered their study week period since all Faculty of Pharmacy & Health Sciences students will be facing their end of semester examination. None of us SRC from Faculty of Medicine put our name to go to the camp although we're basically free that weekend (if I didn't count that MARA meeting).

So to erase all my bad and uneasy feeling for seeing Amal, Mail and Faiq go to the camp with their final examination just around the corner, I threw away my MARA meeting and packed my bag to the camp. I WhatsApp-ed Miera, telling her to make a live update to me for the meeting progress.

And when my face appeared at Batu Kurau, En Azizi (our Head of Student Service Department) teased me "Permaisuri tak senang duduk letteww tengok anak-anak pegi kem takde sape nak pantau." and I just winked at him with both my peace sign on face.

With some of the adik kakak and abang hensem diploma students.

The Royal Sisterhood

Your very own King Mail and The Majestic Queen Qila.

And yassss Mail dah lali dengan sifat narcissism aku. Sampai satu masa dia layankan aje perangai masing-masing janji kerja siap lels #longliveabammail!

I really hope I could make the best out of everything before the time comes and I have to leave every single one of things here.

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