Oct 23, 2016

Bangalore Diaries - Leisure Weekend


Quite unwell for the past few days thus I stayed at home and basically dead. Tidur tak bangun-bangun. Kalau makanan tak sampai depan pintu rumah memang tiga hari tiga malam jawabnya kebulur.

Thanks my super bae-s.
And my forever bae.

* * * * * * * * * *

Its been so long since I wanted to write more on my life here in India.

Last Sunday, Miera came to my door and knocked the shit out of me. I've been locked up in my room for so long and she said its not healthy for my mind. Yeah we all know how far I could go when overthinking strikes me. Uh huh. Talk about the sleepless night and 24/7 rants over unnecessary things.

Took a shower and off to Yeshwanthpur market we go.

Yeshwanthpur market merupakan satu-satunya pasar tani di Bangalore yang pernah aku jejak sepanjang setahun lebih disini. Agak kurang selesa bagi sesiapa yang cerewet tentang kebersihan, but we've got pretty good deals here. Harga barang basah disini jauh lebih murah berbanding kedai-kedai runcit yang lain. And if you're good in bargaining, the benefit goes on you.

 Suasana pasar tani Yindiya mari.

Usai membeli barang dapur, Miera menawar diri untuk menemankan aku berjalan. Mana saja yang aku mahu. Aku tahu dia risau kerana sejak kebelakangan ini aku dihimpit satu demi satu masalah hingga akhirnya aku mengurung diri di dalam bilik. Hidup dalam dunia emosi yang kian tenggelam. Dia minta aku menghirup angin dan lapangkan fikiran.

I asked her to accompany me to Mantri Mall. Usually whenever we want to eat something fancy or spree some window shopping, we'll go to Orion Mall since its closer to our house but I got bored of it. Mana tak bosan kalau setiap minggu pergi uhuhuhu hashtag shopaholic hashtag kahwin lambat.

Chocolate marshmallow and my favorite girl.

Its a plain Sunday but somehow it makes me happier. Can't describe it well but personally for me, its not the extraordinary things that keep you happy - Its the simple yet significant things.

I thanked God for still having you in my life.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Please don't give up.
Alive and breathing is not a mistake, its a chance.

All the things that happened have the reasons behind.
Its not your fault, and you deserve to be happy. Its just the matter of time.

Sooner or later the time will come.
All you need is just to bear with the pain a bit.

I know you are strong enough to go through all this.

No one in this world are worthless, all of us are precious.
Take a good care of yourself.
Put faith on Him. InsyaAllah everything will be okay."

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