Oct 8, 2016

Here We Go, Again


More than a year since my last post and I guess I'm back now. For good.

*awkward hand gesture*
*inhales and exhales repeatedly*

I don't know if I ever got the feel to write again, since I poured my words mostly on Tumblr and sketchbook this past one year. But this is a place I started to write, a place I started to know how good it really feels to just write anything and everything without restraining myself. Therefore here I am, hopefully for better words.

My name is Aqila and I'm now far away from Malaysia, in a land called Bangalore, India.

I've been here for about a year now. Previously I wrote about our struggles to fight for our scholarship program in India after what was supposedly be the original plan changed. And alhamdulillah, we're now safe and sound here.

Life hasn't been constantly good. Far from perfect I shall say. But the good thing is, despite everything, I'm still here. Alive and breathing, like I promised myself I would :)

I'm now entering my fourth year of MBBS after a month of holiday just after finishing my third year. If there's one thing I don't regret coming here - Its my study HAHAHA WOW. I think I'm quite focused on my study here compared to when I was in Ipoh. I think lah, I think. Every end of posting I studied hard la wey can lah can..

Chill, yo.

Still the same girl who loves white color, roses and flowery pattern. Still dwells in those deep thoughts every night before sleeping and overreacting on something unnecessarily significant.

Despite everything, I'm now far stronger and older (walaweh) alhamdulillah.
There's so much to tell, so much to write about but lets keep it one step at a time shall we/I? :')

Things have changed for me, and I'm okay with that.
Until next time.

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