Nov 20, 2016

Psychiatry and Red Velvet Cheesecake

Been studying like crazy for my Psychiatry End of Posting. Literally setiap hari stress bila teringat banyak tak baca lagi dan banyak LAGI yang dah baca tapi lupa.

I have a thing in Psychiatry but its hard to concentrate solely on interest when you've been pushed with thoughts like "I have to score my first Year Four exam!" and "I'm not a weak ass b* that abandoned my study for stupid little things!" and whenever I saw my friends having a question-answer session with me in the middle of the group feeling stupid and oh God why I didn't know this and that, it really really stressed me out!

I know it wasn't good since intelligence and knowledge shouldn't be measured by what grade you obtained on your exam, but I just couldn't help it. Expectations, self-achieve pleasures and so on. Being a fourth year medical student with inadequate knowledge and fear of not competent enough after graduation is suck. The struggle is real!

Promised myself that I'm gonna sort out my priorities and soul-searching once the exam's finished. Pinky swear.

As for now, I just wanted to do my best and nailed it!!

It was one fine Sunday when I was studying at my floor with books spreading all over me.

Kelaparan, I grabbed my phone and ordered a slice of chocolate cake from Fresh Menu (since I need enough glucose to make me awake and energetic but not too heavy, or else I'll definitely fall asleep). 30 minutes later the delivery guy came and I ate my cake happily.

I continued my reading when there's a ring on my house door, saying a delivery from Fresh Menu is here. I got confused a lil bit because I already got my delivery just now, so I thought its just an error from the system and told the delivery guy I didn't ordered it twice.

I went back inside my room and chilling for a minute or two when I got a video call from (insert sweet name here).

"Dapat tak?"

Oh noooooooooooo turned out the second delivery was from him! He didn't know I already ordered Fresh Menu and I didn't know he's going to surprise me for it too! Patutnya aku terima je delivery tadi tanpa banyak soal hmfshklaksgdtkmmphs.

Maka haruslah seorang Aqila meroyan kerana jarang sekali surprise begini akan diterima ya.

I quickly menggelabah and he laughed, saying its okay. He called the delivery centre and here I am, eating my favorite red velvet cheesecake in a jar with big smile on my face :))))))

Terima kasih. Benda kecil tapi bahagia rasa.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sesuka hati conteng buku orang eh.

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