Dec 15, 2016

How To Deal With Shits

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Writing this with full of rage, hoping that it could calm the fire inside me. Because literally I would scream my heart out upon how shitty this day has been so far.

So, how do we basically deal with shits?

There's just one keyword for the entire steps :

Identify the causative agent. What is it that's stressing you out. How and why it disturbs you. Identify with a clear mind so that your rage or anger or disappointment wouldn't interfere with your rationality.

Put it into two categories - i) Can you solve it? ii) Or can't?

If it belongs to option i), roughly plan on how to solve it even if its not gonna be immediately. If it belongs to option ii), you just have to deal with fact that some things were going to be beyond your reach and there's nothing you could do but let time decides.

Don't be an asshole a jerk. I repeat, don't be a jerk. Never ever take any actions without thinking the consequences. Believe me I did that a lot and it left me nothing but regret.

If you can't control your mouth, say nothing and just shut up. If you can't control your attitude, go away and be alone for some time. It helps you from causing damage or spreading more shittiness on others (especially to people who got nothing to do with things happened to you).

Take as much time as you need to accept that shit. Its neither a crime nor abnormality. At some point in our life, we'll have to deal with something that goes beyond our hands anyway. So embrace that shit and come back stronger!

There's plenty of methods on how to deal with shits (okay I've wrote this word countless of times already) but fret not this is just my own point of view, how I basically did. I'm still learning to put more maturity (?) on my coping mechanism and hopefully I'll be able to feel less stressed out after this.

So take a deep breath and chill.
*sips Milo while watching The Duff*
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