Dec 30, 2016

Modern Keyboard Warrior


Time changed, and so does technology.

Nowadays we have smartphone, smartwatch, touchscreen tablet, food processor and also oval kabuki brush for makeup application, which I considered as the greatest invention in the history of cosmetics. Ever. Oh and genius people who came with the idea of contouring plus highlighting technique too. HANDS OFF.

People even discovered the science of genetically engineered immune cells for treatment of cancer patients, SolarCity's Gigafactory that produce a gigawatt of high efficiency solar panels per year and recently, I came across an article of Tesla autopilot - a software update that suddenly made autonomous driving a reality we always dreamed of!

So much for millennium century wow.

But I'm not gonna write about all the high-tech stuffs most of us probably wouldn't afford even if we worked our ass off. Well except for Apple products maybe. (And I'm one of those minor population who couldn't afford any Apple products. And perhaps didn't want to. I'm just a sucker for smartphones).

Okay back to the game.
Today's topic is about a major social problem we all faced nowadays.

Keyboard Warrior.

The mightiest of all kind of superheroes. The cold-hearted, insanely powerful with typed speech, high sense of self-confidence and that infinite sense of I'm-Always-Right.

Precisely someone who, emboldened by the security of their bedroom/safe place away from harm, feels the need to post generally unnecessary negative rubbish on social media when they would never say such things to someone's face.

I repeat,

I believe at least once, we all have encountered this kind of people. Unfortunately I saw this negativity on my social media for almost every single day alive.

I just don't get it. If you get offended or angry or simply just annoyed with someone, why can't you have a two-way communication with the involved party? Why make such scene where you posted it in social media just to unleash that emotions in you and letting everyone know about shits you're dealing with?

It doesn't bring you any good thou.
Problems remained unsolved, and in fact, you're basically displaying your immaturity in handling problems.

And how shameful it is, letting people saw the true color of you - COWARD.
Hiding behind words.

Problems will always go hand in hand with solutions.
And by finding solutions when dealing with people, communication is always the key.

But no. Keyboard warrior chose to write recklessly on social media, ranting about how unsatisfied they are with particular person so that the other party would felt offended, knowing someone wrote about them.

I gave you an example for easy understanding.

A has a problem with B.
A write on social media about B, indirectly describing things without mentioning B's name (in some case, they would).
B read it and felt offended.
B write on social media about A too.

Did they solve their problems? No.
Did they bring any good to each other? No.
Did they publicly displayed their stupidity? YES.

Back then when we have limited access to internet, people actually TALK. They communicate. They solve issues. They deal with problems in the right way.

I'm not blaming the expanding technology of communication network, but somehow it does contribute to today's problem. People misused their freedom of speech. Fame, being a public figure and seeking for attention have been the new goal and preferences.

I'm writing this because I'm so tired of seeing people bashing each other in social media but when they have the opportunity to deal with it directly face-to-face, they simply didn't want to.

To all of you who may encountered this writing of mine and happened to be one of the social media's public shaming victims, remember this -

It reflects their attitude, not yours.

Don't make any counterattack by writing more negative stuffs about them, because in that way you're no different at all. Be smart, be mature. Communicate with them personally (directly or via private messenger) and solve the issue. If apologizing could make things better, just do it, even when its not your fault to begin with. Believe me. You're not weak just because you say sorry, you're strong and mature and wise and you simply do yourself a favor by creating peace. Its not a game of who's right and who's wrong. Keep this in mind, intelligent people wouldn't be bothered by childish shits.

And to all of you keyboard warrior, grow up.
Stop showing your stupidity and immaturity.
We all hate you.

This ugly world filled with corruptions and cruelty doesn't need you to make it any uglier.

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