Mar 7, 2017

A Talk On Beautiful

Beautiful could be defined as many things. Its subjective. Different people will have a different view of what beautiful truly is.

For me, beautiful is strong.
Strong is beautiful.

Beautiful is being able to wake up from bed and face the tough upcoming days, even when the world is dreading you down. Lifting up your inner spirit when those small voices whispering in your head to just give up, and stop becoming the warrior of your own life.

Beautiful is when you have the guts to forgive someone, even when your heart shattered into pieces, and trust is nowhere to be found.

Beautiful is when you put on your smile and keep spreading kindness despite the ugly truth of the sick society around you. To preserve some humanity, and stop following the crowds. Just because majority of 'em chose one thing to stand up for, doesn't mean its the right thing to do.

Beautiful is finding a little bit of hope, holding on to the last piece of faith, and keep moving on. Believing in the power of white, to at least give some light in the world full of darkness.

Beautiful is by being the changes you wanted the world to be.

Beautiful is by being strong.

Happy International Women's Day.

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