May 10, 2017

Anna's Here

Hello everyone.
Anna's here.. After such a long time.

Anybody's home?
Because right now, my half soul is dying..

She was so sad, nothing I could do to make her face lighten a lil bit. Even when I brought her back to 2010 and 2011, a time period where she was actually the happiest, she's still all dark and gloomy..

She's losing everything right now. Her happiness, her dreams, her wills for life, her friends, her freedom and herself. She's losing it, piece by piece and its so hard to watch because she's once the brightest person I've ever known..

She even hate everything. She hates writing, she hates drawing, she hates reading, she hates shopping and everything pleasurable. She also came to a point where she hate her own friends, even her best friends and her loved one. She hates everything and herself was not excluded.

Why does this happened to her...?

She's not a devil. She's not an angel either, but one or two mistakes that she did surely can't put her into the bad side, right? Or it wasn't?

I don't understand...

She cries herself badly at night. And it goes for months. I tried to make her happy, I really did. I remind her how strong she is, how she's one in a million for everything that she does. I really did tried my best for her.

And right now, all I can think about is David...

David is the only one, for years, whom sincerely be there for her even not physically. He didn't give her the ultimate happiness either, but he's there whenever she felt like she's all alone in the crowd. And for her, that's more than enough.

I can see the years she'd spent with David in her heart, she's the happiest and the saddest person at the same time. She's the strongest yet the weakest person. But she's living. And she's full of life. She got that light in her eyes, and fire in her soul. She forgives. She's fighting the battles with David occasionally in her mind as the northern star. I've never been so proud of her...

I tried to make her go for David, but she's currently stucked in a situation she can't get herself out. I know, and I'll always know, David could talk to her and eventually she'll get past this phase with his advice. I'll always believe in David.

If anyone's home, please do talk to her...

Please convince her that she's not the most hated person on Earth. Please reassure her that she's lovely, and she's capable of doing so much more amazing things. Please and please, light that darkness in her heart. I've seen enough already, and I can't bear it anymore.

She's suffering.